The Perfect Remedy for Eye Ailments

It is no doubt that there are very many ophthalmic surgeons who would cringe at the mere mention of this highly revolutionary product  that has been proven to be the best treatment of most eye disorders that exist at the moment. Why would they cringe?  Well, this A-grade product, Bright Eyes cataract Eye Drops threatens to swallow their cataract-surgery cash cow whole. This is a non-invasive and highly successful treatment to cataracts that has NAC (N-Acetyl-Carnosine) as its main ingredient. It has been tried and tested, with very many of its satisfied users who have been freed from imminent blindness praising it as the best solution to eye problems. There will not be any backing from the medical world any time soon and we shall delve into why, and the major conditions it has been proven to clear up.

Why would such a revolutionary product not be endorsed by the medical world?

The reasons are actually three: Money, Money, and Money.  The amount of money one would need to get their cataracts removed is around three thousand dollars per eye, hence totalling to six thousand dollars for both eyes.  The cataract surgeries generate up to a little under seven billion dollars in revenue.  That is a lot of money as compared to the cost of a full regime of the eye drops that is worth around four hundred dollars. Furthermore, it not only gets rid of cataracts but it also treats glaucoma and macular degeneration. However, in light of the lucrative business that the cataracts surgery is, Bright Eyes cataract Eye Drops has a long way to go before medical practitioners can come to terms with the fact that the cataract surgery procedure has become obsolete and irrelevant. One can decide to seek medical advice but the decision to take that advice into consideration relies wholly on the patient.

Comparing invasive cataract surgery and non-invasive cataract Eye drops…


The cataract surgery costs a total of $6000 for both eyes, to completely clear the cataracts while the recommended dosage of cataract eye drops costs around $400, the difference is very significant.


The non-invasive cataract eye drops from Ethos is a very safe method of getting rid of cataracts with no side effects. The cataract surgery has a 99% success rate. You wouldn’t want to fall in that 1% bracket where everything goes wrong. There is always the risk of infection.

After treatment situation

The cataract surgery leaves you very sore and it takes a while for you to recover. Given that the Ethos Bright Eyes Eye drops are non-intrusive and the contents are hypoallergenic, it causes little or no discomfort to the user. Hence you get all of the benefits without any unpleasant aftermath.

Value for money

The cataract surgery though costly is meant to deal with only one condition: cataracts. The Ethos Bright Eyes eye drops can be used to treat a myriad of conditions that range from blurred vision, Presbyopia to cataracts, Retinal disease, and Contact lens disorders. This means that you are able to clear up a lot of conditions with just the same product and price.

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