Healthy Eyes for Pets and Owners Even with Advanced Age

Becoming older usually comes with a range of health complications. Usually, one of the parts of the body most beset by age related complications is the eye. With time, if you do not take appropriate measures to care for your eyes once you reach 40 years of age, you will experience a waning of your vision. Cataracts are a common problem with people who are well past their middle ages and it might prevent you from driving or even reading. Whilst most specialists will advise you to go for surgery, there are products from Ethos which will prevent you from having to undergo this risk. Ethos is a company that sells a range of natural products aimed at treatment of diseases and general wellness. Their cataract eye drops will help keep your eyes healthy and prevent you from having to undergo surgery which has its own risks.

Ethos’ Bright Eyes products for healthy eyes

Ethos offers a number of products like cataract eye drops that have been clinically tested and have the capacity to treat several degenerative eye ailments. In some cases, when the problem has already set in, it is important to slow its progress while making it possible for you to continue with your normal activities. Macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts are some of the eye ailments that elderly people have to grapple with and sometimes may cause irreversible blindness. When you age, the ability of your eyes to fight the radicals that bring oxidative stress to them diminishes, and as a result, degenerative eye diseases set in. Endymion Bright Eyes is a product from Ethos which has anti-oxidant and anti-glycating properties to help protect your eyes from environmental hazards like sunlight and smoke causing degeneration in old age. Remember that you need not wait for your vision to get very blurry before beginning to use these products. Clinical tests done on Ethos’ eye products showed they helped improve the vision of those who did not have obvious eye disease symptoms.

Ethos’ products for healthy pet eyes

Aside from the eye drops and capsules that these companies sell for human eye health, there are products to keep your pets’ eyes healthy as well. Their bright eye pets product is a topical solution that will enable you keep your pet’s vision as good as can possibly be. Just like with human beings, when your pet becomes older, it is likely to have less strength to fight the effects of light and radical substance damage upon its eyes. Whereas dietary supplements can provide a bit of help in this regard, you can use the N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine containing eye drops to give even better protection to the lipid tissues of your pet’s eyes.

Pet cataract can also cause blindness to your loved animal and this is something that you need to bear in mind as you watch your pet age. The good news is that just like Ethos has cataract eye drops for human beings, so can you get products to prevent this menace from affecting your pet.

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