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Volunteering on Gap Year & Impact on Your Career

According to statistics, there are about 250,000 young people (from age 17 to 25) that go on a gap year every single year. Experts believe that this number will consistently rise in the next few years. This means that there is the same amount of young people with not much to do before they can go back to school or explore new career opportunities. During this time period, some young people explore a new hobby or travel. But have you considered to volunteer in Nepal or other parts abroad? If not, this is a good time to consider this option and make the most of this gap.
Gap year can take place anytime between high school or college. For those who are considering to join volunteer Nepal organizations, the concern often entails the career trajectory (particularly those who have finished college). A few questions might be wrestling in your mind as you explore this venture. What will I get out of it? Will it be worth postponing my career launch? Will it help in building my career portfolio down the road? It is all but normal to ask these questions.
There are two ways to look at volunteering during your gap year:
1) You can look at it as an obstacle to the career path that you have carefully crafted for yourself, or
2) You can relish the life experience and lessons you can gain along the way, which will also make you wiser and smarter about life in general.
This is one form of learning that you cannot obtain from the four corners of the classroom. Imagine the connections and relationships you can build during the entire process, too. You will never know how it can unlock career opportunities for you several years after volunteering. Check out Involvement Volunteers International!
If you are curious about the age requirement to join volunteering Nepal programs, most require you to be at least 18 years of age. The best part about such program is that it is open for all ages. Hence, even when you join at a young age, you get the opportunity to mingle with skilled professionals or those in their retirement age. You can only imagine how much life wisdom you can adapt from them throughout your entire volunteering stint.
The entire length of the volunteer program varies on where you choose to register from. However, more volunteer programs vary from a minimum of a month to twelve weeks. The short term volunteer program is ideal for those who like to provide help for those communities in need of immediate help. But you can opt for the longer volunteer programs to give you the chance to integrate into the local community. Your time commitment will, however, be impacted by the type of help and project initiated by your recruiter. It is, therefore, important to ask and schedule a consultation before you agree to become a volunteer.
Need to know more details about volunteering on your gap year? You should check out to find out how to get involved and unlock more potential for your career down the road.