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Top Five Things to Keep in Mind When Moving

Whether you have just purchased a new home or made a new rental lease, moving is always quite exciting. However, before you bring in the furniture removalists in Perth or move into your new home, there are certain important things that you need to keep in mind. Uppermost in the list is sorting out utilities. Because there is so much that is involved in the house moving, you can’t leave these tasks to last minute. Here are some of the key things that you need to take care of when making your move:

Connecting and disconnecting your utilities

When moving into your new home, you need to make sure that you have set up your new utilities connections or accounts such as water, gas, electricity, phone and the internet. Inform your suppliers that you are moving to a new a location so that they can connect you if they have the reach. Moving to new premises is generally also a good time to try out a new utilities provider if the previous one was a headache.

Changing address and redirecting mail

You should do this as soon as possible because mail does not take a break just because you are making the move otherwise you could miss out on very important direct mail communications. Whether you keep touch a lot or not, you will be shocked at the number of people who are interested in learning more about your new location. These can include insurance companies, schools, banks and many other institutions that you have transacted with in the past.

It is also important to have a list of the people that you would like to know about your new address and then inform them. You can also ask your Post Office to at least run a 6-month redirect service. There are always lots of business and personal communications that will find their way to your old address.

Remember to Pack Smartly

Furniture removalists in Perth can help you with the packing but it is even more qualitative if you do it yourself so that you can make certain personal decisions about your personal items such as what to keep and what to declutter. Label the boxes with the rooms in which they will go into in order to make the process of unpacking easier either on you or the furniture removalists in Perth who will unload your items. Try to be very organized and itemize all that go into each box so that you can keep track of everything.

Make advance planning for kids and pets

Don’t neglect your kids or even pets when you are busy packing. Because this is very consuming work, you can leave the kids with friends, your parents or even grandparents so that you can concentrate on packing your items. When moving your pets, ensure that you have also updated their microchip details.

Take insurance

Ensure that you have updated your insurance policy in order to reflect the new address. You need to also ensure that your insurance also covers your move. If it doesn’t, check if the furniture removalists in Perth have the appropriate and adequate insurance coverage. You must always prepare for the unexpected even if you have made adequate plans for the move.

How to Fit Out Your Melbourne Office on Budget

If your business has outgrown the bedroom or garage, then it is time to shop for a new office space that can accommodate your wings while also investing in professional office fitout in Melbourne. However, transitioning from home office to the traditional office is not always an easy process especially if you are still running lean and want to make some cost savings. Thanks to the variety of the office fitout solutions in Melbourne, it is very easy to get very good value for money even if you have a small budget. Here are some tips on how you can have a cool office design and office fitout in Melbourne on a small budget.

Make use of standalone and modular cabinet design

The use of modular and standalone cabinetry is always cheaper and more cost effective than going with the built-in cabinets. It is also important to keep the color white in order to save on costs. White is the most popular color and is thus cheaper. Bolder color designs are likely to cost you a little extra.

Partitioning of screens using Velcro joiners

If you are leasing an office, there is no reason to make costly investments in carrying out some building changes. To save money, you can simple use freestanding partition screens that are also quite flexible and allow you to easily change the office layout.

Install low cost connectivity

Rewiring the entire office is often a costly and labor-intensive process. Instead of installing wiring in the skirting boards, you can simply carry out wiring over your tiles which is less costly and relatively easy to carry out.

Go green

Choosing energy efficient is always an effective way cutting down on your costs. For example, by installing LED lighting over halogen, you are going to make close to 90% savings in your energy bills.

Buy second-hand

You don’t always have to fit out your new office with shiny things when you are moving to Melbourne. In order to save on money, you may opt to buy office furniture and other items which are still in excellent condition from the second hand market and make huge savings.

Rent office hardware

Instead of buying everything for your new office ranging from new office furniture to machines and equipment, you can as well choose to rent them and save big on office fitout in Melbourne. When you are starting your business, you should not be afraid to stretch your dollars. You will need all the money to grow your business.

Buy bulk

This is particularly important if you are planning to fit out large office spaces. By buying your office furniture in bulk, you are likely to score some great discounts in the process. When you are buying in bulk from retailers, you gain greater bargaining power and they are generally willing to offer some generous discounts in the process.

Buy ergonomic and cozy chairs

Even though you are looking for cost savings, avoid penny pinching on the office chairs. Your staff will spend most of the days sitting at their desks and if you are going to skimp on the chairs, you are only going to hurt your health and that of your employees which will end up costing you more in the future.

Compare quotes

When you are looking for office fitout in Melbourne, make sure you compare the rates from various office fit out companies in Melbourne in order to ensure you get the best deals.


There is fierce competition in the office furniture market so do not be afraid to negotiate the price of office furniture. You might just win yourself a great bargain!